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Aqua Pucks Wastewater Treatment 2nd Gen.– (28 lb Bucket) N263b-1

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 ADS Wastewater New and Improved 2nd Generation Pucks incorporate biodegradeable microsponge SSPV with super high cell count microbials  

provide the following benefits:

                1: Odor Elimination

                2: Pretreatment-degas influent, oxygenate and inoculate with aerobic bacteria, dramatic increase in settling rates.

                3: Primary-Decrease sludge blanket by up to 95%.

                4: Secondary Clarification-Increase volume of wastewater capacity with existing facilities.

                5: Reduction of Corrosive Gases-Prevents gases degrading into hydrochloric acid and other corrosive acids.

                6: Increase Plant Efficiency-Dramatically reduces electricity costs.

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